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Matched Betting Tracker


Matched Betting Tracker is available for iOS (10 and above) and Android (Marshmallow and above) and designed to fit natively on any screen size to give you the best experience and help you stay on top of your game.

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Track balance, profit, credentials and pending bets for all your bookies


Never forget to lay an accumulator leg or to collect a free bet again

Sports Bets

Add pending bets with automatic liability calculation, settle the bets and review your betting history


Keep track of your Slots and Blackjack sessions and see your progress in real time complete with remaining wagering amount, Blackjack strategy, slots RTP and much more


Beautiful charts and lists of your betting history to help you improve your game


Add deposits, withdrawals, new accounts, transfers or make adjustments to your bank account balances


9 advanced calculators to keep you focused on what you are doing and help you make better decision


Beautiful charts and lists of your betting history to help you improve your game

2 Nov 2020


Football Live Results
5-Day Football Events
Moved to a subscription based PRO upgrade

Contact me

I’m Alex and I live in the UK.

When I first started Matched Betting I used, like most of us, a spreadsheet to log and track all my bets, accounts, etc. But as I started getting more comfortable with MB and using more and more strategies, the spreadsheet became harder and harder to maintain.

One day I was in Ikea with my wife and knew that at 5pm I had to place an in-play bet as part of a promotion and could not for the life of me remember what were the terms for bet or even what bookie it was with (it was a Saturday and I had about 25 bets on).

That’s when I decided to take the tracker with me as a mobile app. And so Matched Betting Tracker was born.

After using it for a while, I thought it would be a good idea to release it to the public, in the hope that it would help others as it did me.

Since then, I have worked quite hard to make it stable, easy to use and to add as many features as I could.

Thank you for using my app!