25 Oct 2020

Add a Bookmaker

Adding a Bookmaker or Exchange is the first step you should take after installing the app. Most functions in the app depend on you having at least one of each. This is how you can do that:

Step 1

Expand the Menu (drag from left edge or tap the top-left button)

Step 2

Tap Bookies

Step 3

Tap Add (top-right corner)

Step 4

Complete the fields as needed

Step 5

The name field will attempt to autocomplete your text from a database of over 200 bookmakers complete with logos. You can also use the dropdown button to scroll to the bookie you want to add and tap it directly

Step 6

Available options:

Name – Bookmaker’s name as you would like to appear everywhere in the app
Balance – Current balance at this bookie
Profit – Current profit (NOTE: If you’re transferring your betting history from a spreadsheet or other medium, it is best to leave this at 0 and add all your settled bets afterwards to build the profit up organically)
Commission – The percentage you’re paying as commission to this bookie (ie 5%)
Username – (Optional) Type your username here if you want to be reminded of it in the future
Password – (Optional) As above, enter your password for the login to this bookmaker (DISCLAIMER: The password is stored in your phone’s database in plain-text. If anyone was to gain access to your system files (very unlikely) they could potentially have access to your passwords. However, passwords are encrypted when backed up to the Cloud and can only be decrypted if accessed with your Cloud Account [PRO Feature]).
Bookie Switch – Marks this bookmaker as a standard Bookie. This makes it selectable in the BACK portion of your sports bets.
Exchange Switch – Marks the bookmaker as an Exchange. This makes it selectable in the EXCHANGE portion of your bets (NOTE: a bookmaker can be both a Bookie and an Exchange)
Casino Switch – Enable this option if the bookmaker also offers casino games (most do). Enabling this switch makes this bookmaker available to select in the Casinos section

Step 7

Tap Save (top-right corner)

Step 8

Your bookmaker is now visible in your list.

That’s it! Next we’ll look at Editing a bookmaker.

Last updated on 25 Oct 20 with screenshots from version 4.1.1