25 Oct 2020

Add a Bank Account

Before you can log deposits or withdrawals you will naturally need to have a bank account registered in the app. There is no actual linking to a real bank account, it is just a database object you can assign transactions to. Follow the steps below to add bank account(s).

Step 1

Select Banking from the Menu. Alternatively, if this is your first bank account, you can also add it directly from the Dashboard by scrolling to the bottom and tapping Add Bank Account

Step 2

Tap Add (top-right corner)

Step 3

It will default to New Account every time which works great for this tutorial 🙂

Step 4

Your options are:

Adding – Transaction Type. For this example we will leave it at New Account

Account Name – How you’d like this bank account to appear throughout the app

Amount – Starting balance

Charges – Transaction Fee (if any)

Note – Any notes you’d like to see for this account

Step 5

Tap Save (top-right corner)

You will now see a confirmation that the account has been added. It will also be visible in the Dashboard (towards the bottom) and you’ll be able to use it for other transaction types like Deposits, Withdrawals, etc

Last updated on 25 Oct 20 with screenshots from version 4.1.1