27 Oct 2020

Dutching Calculator

Dutch Betting is an alternative to laying your bets at an Exchange. When you use this method, you will normally cover all outcomes in the main market (Home-Draw-Away for Football or Home-Away for Tennis, etc) across different bookmakers as regular back bets.

This requires advanced calculations to ensure optimal stakes for each bet, but luckily Matched Betting Tracker has this calculator built in and best of all, it doesn’t require an upgrade to the PRO version.

Step 1

Select Calculators from the Menu

Step 2

Tap the Dutching Calculator

Step 3

Here are the options you have available to configure the calculator. See their detailed description in the next step

Step 4

BET TYPE – For the time being this only offers Standard bets, but will include Free Bets in a future update

TARGET – Select if you’d like the stake to be spread across all bets (default) or whether the stake should apply only to the first selection

STAKE – The amount you want to bet

SELECTIONS – Either 2 (Home-Away) or 3 (Home-Draw-Away) selections

ROUND STAKES – 99% of the time the stakes calculated for each selection will be double decimal numbers which together add up to your stake, but this doesn’t look like a natural bet in the eyes of a bookmaker and could look suspicious. Switch this on to round the stakes to the nearest whole number, but keep in mind that this might put you slightly over the chosen stake. Still the recommended way to go in the long term.

Step 5

Depending on the number of selections you set in the previous step, you might have 2 (HOME and DRAW) or 3 (HOME, DRAW and AWAY) selections showing.

The only information you need to provide for each is the current odds for that selection. Once all selections have odds of 1.01 or over, the calculator will kick in and give you the recommended stakes for each, along with the return and profit if that selection wins.

In this example we have set the Target as Total Stake, 2 selections and stakes not rounded.

Step 6

Here is the same example, but with the stakes rounded. Stakes look natural and it so happens that they still add up to the chosen stake.

But this might not always be the case so keep an eye on the Total Stake shown above the selections if this is important to you.

Step 7

Let’s have a look at another example where the Target is the First Selection, also 2 selections and stakes not rounded.

As you can see, the Home selection was given the entire stake of £100 and the other selection has been calculated around it.

The Total Stake in this case is now £193.33 which is shown above the selections.

Whatever options you set, what’s left to do is to place bets at separate bookies for each selection with the stakes shown in the calculator. One will naturally win and when it does, you’ll make the profit shown in the winning selection box.

Last updated on 27 Oct 20 with screenshots from version 4.1.1