25 Oct 2020

Edit a Bookmaker

Once you have a bookie in your list, it will be available to select throughout the app, when adding a new bet or starting a casino session, etc. As you interact with the bookie in the app, the balance and profit values will go up and down accordingly and automatically, but there may be a time when you need to edit these values manually along with other bookie information. Let’s have a look at how to do that.

Step 1

Open the Menu (top-left corner)

Step 2

Select Bookies

Step 3

Find the bookie you want to edit from the list and tap on it

Step 4

You now have 4 sections you can edit:

Ad Hoc Profit/Loss – Here is where you update the current profit/balance for your bookie

Logo and Name – Edit the name of the bookie and optionally its logo

Extra Info – The Username and Password (both optional) you want to track for this bookie and the bookie commission

Used as – Whether it’s just a bookie and/or exchange and/or Casino

Step 5

To update your balance/profit for a particular bookie you use the first section.

If you want to ADD an amount to existing values, you use the Profit field. Similarly, to SUBSTRACT an amount you use the Loss field.

You can add/subtract an amount from both balance and profit at the same time or from each value individually by turning the slider off for the other one.

You will see straight away what the new value(s) will be to make it easier to anticipate a mistake.

Step 6

If you want to update the Balance/Profit values directly instead of adding/subtracting an amount from each, you can tap the UPDATE PROFIT AND BALANCE INDIVIDUALLY button.

In the new view, you will see two fields for BALANCE and PROFIT which are pre-filled with the current values.

Make your edits as needed and don’t forget to save.

Step 7

The Used as section contains the following switches you can toggle for your bookie:

Bookie Switch – Marks this bookmaker as a standard Bookie. This makes it selectable in the BACK portion of your sports bets.

Exchange Switch – Marks the bookmaker as an Exchange. This makes it selectable in the EXCHANGE portion of your bets (NOTE: a bookmaker can be both a Bookie and an Exchange)

Casino Switch – Enable this option if the bookmaker also offers casino games (most do). Enabling this switch makes this bookmaker available to select in the Casinos section

Step 8

In the Extra Info section you can edit:

Commission – The percentage you’re paying as commission to this bookie (ie 5%)

Username – (Optional) Type your username here if you want to be reminded of it in the future

Password – (Optional) As above, enter your password for the login to this bookmaker (DISCLAIMER: The password is stored in your phone’s database in plain-text. If anyone was to gain access to your system files (very unlikely) they could potentially have access to your passwords. However, passwords are encrypted when backed up to the Cloud and can only be decrypted if accessed with your Cloud Account [PRO Feature]).


Step 9

Tap Save (top-right corner) to update the bookie with your changes.



Last updated on 25 Oct 20 with screenshots from version 4.1.1