Release Notes


v3.3.0 – 23rd Feb 2020

  • [NEW] Trigger Bet Calculator
  • [NEW] EV Calculator
  • [NEW] Early Payout (2UP) Calculator
  • [NEW] Unwanted Lay Calculator
  • [NEW] Sequential Lay Calculator


v3.0.8 – 6th Jan 2020

  • Added option to log a Risk Free bet. You can log it straight from the Risk Free Calculator
  • Fixed an instance where the Back Profit showed a wrong value when creating a bet
  • Increased maturity level to 18+ and added a link to organizations which can help tackle gambling addiction at the bottom of the main menu


v3.0.6 – 6th Jan 2020

  • Fixed a crash when trying to lay an ACCA leg


v3.0.5 – 2nd Jan 2020

  • Fixed TRANSACTIONS not showing the amount
  • Fixed the crash when backing up to Cloud


v3.0.3 – 2nd Dec 2019

  • Introducing Each Way Calculator
  • You can now also track Each Way bets separate to the Standard bets
  • Accumulator formulas have been re-written from scratch to give consistent results and are less prone to crashes


v3.0.1 – 18th Nov 2019

  • You can now interactively track your SLOTS and BLACKJACK profits and offers
  • PRO Users can select from a list of over 4500 popular UK slots and see their RTP
  • PRO Users receive strategic advice for each Blackjack hand on how to proceed based on the Dealer card to maximise return
  • Promotions now show in the SCHEDULER for each day while they are active (based on the Expiry date you set)
  • Exchange name not showing for each open bet in the list should now be fixed
  • Current/Next ACCA Legs now show in the Dashboard and you can access them directly by just tapping them
  • I’ve configured various fields to be capitalised to beautify the way they are presented
  • Some fields did not accept values with .0 (ie 13.03) which is now fixed
  • Configure most values to show with double decimals (ie 13.00 instead of 13.0)
  • Fixed Commission not working for the Risk Free calculator
  • Fixed Back Commission not working for the Standard calculator
  • Fixed the Total Bankroll value in the Dashboard always showing 1


v2.2.1 – 25th Aug 2019

  • PRO users can now backup their Matched Betting progress to the Cloud and restore it on another device without having to transfer any files. This is also cross-platform, meaning that a backup from Android can be restored on iOS and vice-versa


v2.1.6 – 21st Jul 2019

  • Renamed HOME to DASHBOARD
  • Added a BANKROLL section for better visibility of your total funds and how they are distributed
  • Added the option to track Best Odds Guaranteed or Rule 4 results (enable from Settings)
  • You can now set a reminder for an ACCA Leg for 30 mins before start
  • New Withdrawals will automatically create a reminder 5 days in the future for you to check if the money is in


v2.1.3 – 3rd Jul 2019

  • Better validation for Pending Bet values to prevent further formatting error crashes
  • Added a link to the Issue Tracker in the Settings Page. Use this to check the current progress of fixes and requests
  • Fixed the Rate App dialog popping up continuously when editing an ACCA
  • Adding a new bookie with existing profit will now add that profit to your current total
  • …a couple of other minor bugfixes and visual improvements


v2.1.1 – 27th Jun 2019

  • Added Stake Returned option for Pending Bets
  • Added Risk Free Calculator


v2.1.0 – 24th Jun 2019

  • Bugfixes and stability improvements


v2.0.5 – 8th Jun 2019

  • Resolved an issue for some devices not being able to get past the initial screen. Moved the START button to top right corner


v2.0.0 – 6th Jun 2019

  • Completely re-designed user interface
  • Introduced the Scheduler where you can see an overview of your daily bets and promotions
  • Fixed Pending Withdrawals not actually completing
  • Improved stability
  • Added filter by Bookmaker for Settled Bets
  • Added sorting to Bookmakers by NAME or BALANCE
  • [REQUEST] Added option to remove bank account
  • [REQUEST] Added option for BOTH WIN when settling bets
  • Added a Feedback page from the Settings menu
  • and so much more…
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