27 Oct 2020

Standard Calculator

Every single matched bet you’ll place, will be a mathematical calculation of odds, stakes and commissions which will give you an optimal amount you need to stake. Especially at the beginning, you’ll need to make use of a calculator to help do this math and Matched Betting Tracker has this built in. Let’s see how we can use the Standard Calculator to calculate the optimal Lay Stake for your bets.

Step 1

Select Calculators from the Menu

Step 2

Select the Standard Calculator

Step 3

BET TYPE – This can be either Qualifier or Stake Not Returned (SNR)

MODESimple or Advanced (see next steps for difference)

Bet Information:

BACK STAKE – The stake you place at the bookmaker

BACK ODDS – Bookmaker’s odds

LAY ODDS – Odds at the Exchange

COMMISSIONS – These are the commissions you are paying either at the bookmaker or at the exchange or both. Type these in integer numbers, for example 5%.

Step 4

Once you have filled in the required fields (back stake, back odds and lay odds), the calculator will do the maths for you straight away and show you a new box containing:

LAY STAKE – This is the Optimal Lay Stake for the values you’ve typed

LIABILITY – What your Liability will be at the exchange if you stake the amount above

BACK PROFIT – What your profit will be if the bet wins

LAY PROFIT – What your profit will be if the bet loses (and exchange bet wins)

Step 5


This mode introduces a few more options for the advanced players:

UNDERLAY – Your stake at the exchange will be less than the optimal amount. Use this stake when you feel the result you bet on will come up and your back bet will win.

OVERLAY – Increased lay stake calculated to maximise your profit in the event of the bet losing

CUSTOM – You can use the slider to adjust the stake to a custom value and see in real time what your liability and profits will be

The Standard Calculator uses the same maths as the New Bet page so you could actually do your calculations while creating a new bet thus saving yourself a bit of time

Last updated on 27 Oct 20 with screenshots from version 4.1.1